2018 NCAA Football Schedule Widgets & Mac Apps

Based on Fan Feedback, we have brought back the Widgets!

You can check the Team Vote Standings to see the approximate release order of teams.

These 2018 Team Widgets & Mac Apps have been released:
Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Texas

Michigan will be next!

If your team Widget / Mac App isn't ready, you can check back or sign-up for your Team Newsletter
and we'll email you the day it is released.

ACC Widgets:

Big Ten Widgets:

Big 12 Widgets:

Pac 12 Widgets:

SEC Widgets:

Independents Widgets:

AAC Widgets:

Mountain West Widgets:

Sun Belt Widgets:


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are running Mountain Lion or Mavericks on your Mac,
please follow these instructions before installing your Team Widget.

Thanks for your support!

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