How to Run Widgets on your Mac Desktop

This tutorial will walk you through the steps required to move one or more of your Dashboard Widgets from the Dashboard, to your Desktop. Here's how:

1. Start by opening the Terminal application (it is located in the Utilities Folder) and enter the following commands exactly (it is best to copy and paste them from this page):

defaults write devmode YES
killall Dock

2. Quit Terminal and then restart your Mac (this will activate devmode).

3. Launch the Dashboard by hitting the F4 key (F12 on older Mac keyboards).

4. Click on the widget you want to move to your Desktop, and while holding the mouse button down, click F4 again.

5. Now you can move the widget around on your desktop to the location of your choice. The widget will remain above all other windows, so place it in a location where that behavior is desirable.

6. If you want to move the widget back to your Dashboard, simply click it and hold the mouse button down, click F4 and release it back to the Dashboard.


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