How to Install Our Football Widgets on a Windows PC

You can now run our NCAA Football Widgets on a PC. Here's how:

1. Download the FREE Kludget Widget Engine from

2. Run the SETUP.EXE installer you downloaded in Step 1, accept default install locations.

3. Download your NCAA Football Team Widget from

4. Copy the downloaded NCAA football widget .ZIP package file to folder C:\Program Files\Kludget Engine\widgets.

5. Right-click the "Kludget Engine" icon in the system tray and select "Open Widget Package...".

6. Select widget package (dialog box should default to C:\Program Files\Kludget Engine\widgets) and click "Open".

7. Once you have it running, you can download more cool widgets from the Apple Dashboard Widgets site.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We have tested our widgets under Windows XP using Kludget and they function properly (with many thanks to Russ & Julio). If you are installing the widget on a PC on an airtight corporate network it will probably not work. It should work on most home installations with a cable modem or DSL. You do need to be connected to the Internet for the widget to function properly.

Finally this is an unsupported option, we not have any Windows PCs at Rio Wicked Widget Works. The only support available is from the Kludget Support page.

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